Trading Plan

The ES (S&P 500) made new highs during the overnight session, the NQ is creeping towards its highs at 13900.5, currently trading near 13708.25. Both the YM and RTY have moved off their highs and are trading a bit lower this morning. Today we are looking at a potential long on the ES at set (4073.5) this is also our main pivot point level. From here we can look at adds if we see this move a little lower at Wed POC and VA high at 4070.81. Now, if the ES moves up to test the highs, we will be looking for shorts above 4097, this would be right inline with Wednesday’s trading plan, we are looking for shorts around 4112.

On the NQ, due to where we are currently trading, near +.5 (13722), I’d like to see it take out the highs of the premarket session and head towards +1 (13824) before we think about taking a short. I will only be looking to short the NQ today. The RTY could present a nice short at the open if it moves up towards +.5 (2243.3) and into the cluster of POC’s (2241.6 – 2242.8). Otherwise, there are some long opportunities, look for support near Set and Thur. POC (2224.1-2224.9). Second long entry on RTY could be VA low if that holds (2215).

That’s it for today, nothing on the YM, it’s trading in a range and I will stay away from it. Good luck and trade with patience, wait for your trade.