Want to work with a great company? One built on integrity and transparency. Steel Mountain Capital is built on 4 simple blocks:                                                                                Honesty, integrity, quality, and transparency.


  • We require you to be an SMC member 
  1. We want you to understand the product you are offering
  2. To be confident in showing and offering to friends, family, co-workers, etc…
  3. Having an account with us shows that you believe in the algo not just selling it

How Do You Get Paid

  • Payment streams for affiliates every 30 days that their sale pays in on monthly service 
  1. your payment will be 10% and 10% per month, so long as the customer is paying 
  2. For example: if you sell a membership your payment is 10% of the current price whatever they’re locked in at. Per month, and as long as the customer is active, you will continue to receive 10% per month 

How Do I Sign Up

  • Sign up is easy 
  1. Click the link below to sign up
  2. Fast and easy,  we work through Paypal